Now Accepting Public Sector Clients

Be assured the price paid for a good or service is always “fair and reasonable”. META IQ Price Assurance ENGINE supplies pricing data that combines an historical perspective with predictive, forward-looking analytics.

Always Current™ Pricing

META IQ permits buyers to request and “clear” prices and discounts in an automated real-time environment using seller-provided sales data

Faster Sales Cycles

Streamline procurement actions, get ready access to the latest commercial products and services to support critical time-sensitive projects

Greater Transparency

META IQ uses this data to determine the average actual sale price of an item (or class of items) over a specified period of time, and generates a cleared price for that buyer

Lower Audit Burden

Suppliers can offer special prices without worrying that this practice may violate terms and conditions (such as the GSA Price Reduction Clause)

Improved Risk Management

Automated metadata repository technology manages data governance and reduces risk while improving both audit coverage and audit productivity

Better Data Quality

META IQ leverages metadata to improve data management and data quality, and drive more accurate business decisions

META IQ is a metadata software company with offices around the globe.